What are the things that you have to keep in mind while selecting a hairstylist?

In this world of grooming beauty, you need every kind of help available out there in the market.

Starting from the very help of a popular and well-established nutritionist to the care and guidance of a hairstylist or a makeup artist, every single professional holds much more important than the credit we usually give them for their wonderful job.

Coming to the main focus of this discussion, hairstylists, these professionals are like the oxygen supplier whom you need either frequently or occasionally. But, yes, you need them no matter what the occasion is.

They not only take care of your hair and give them a transformed yet beautiful and astonishing look but also ensure that your hair becomes a reflection of what you are.

When you walk into the den of a hair stylist, you can easily feel the urge to hand over the control of your hair to them.

Their professionalism and way of handling your hair with so much care are astounding.

They use so many kinds of tools and techniques that if you get the knowledge of the same, you will be left with nothing but a baffled and amused expression.

But even then, you have to ensure that the hairstylist whom you are choosing would be perfect and would never let your expectations down.

Choosing the correct hairstylist means searching a large and shining diamond amongst the tones of mined coals. You have to consider the budget, the reviews earned by them and also their market reputation.

However, beyond these few common factors, there are other things too which usually get on the neglected list but they are extremely crucial to consider, especially when you are dreaming about giving your hair a spell-bounding and magical look.

So, for those times, let’s see what are the other factors that you usually miss but you shouldn’t do so.

Learning the types of hairstylists is mandatory 

First and foremost, the major thing to consider is the type of hairstylist you are choosing.

Now, often you would think why and how the types of hairstylists will help you in getting a magically transformed look.

Well, you see, knowing the types of hairstylists will help you to narrow down the list of your selections to a minimum number and hence, you can focus on them with much more dedicated attention.

For example, before knowing the general types of such professionals, you could walk into a hairstylist who has a least or very little experience with short hairs or coloring. So, the results might become a disaster for you.

This is the reason why you should always act with some intelligence and run a little check about the types of hair professionals usually available in the grooming market.

  1. Short hairstylists are the ones who are well versed in the short hairstyles of different forms. Be it the pixie cut or the bob cut, they can easily work on different forms and even replicate a celebrity style short hair cut with practiced precision.
  2. Natural hairstylists are the ones who deal with almost every kind of hair and almost every hairstyle. These professionals work on a major scale and ensure that their skills are versatile along with the techniques and tools they use.
  3. Kid’s hair stylists are best known for showcasing their professional skills in shaping and styling the kid’s hair in a magical manner.
  4. Extension specialists are those professionals who are well-versed with the hair extension techniques. It is a way where new hair strands are attached with your original hair using special kinds of glues to give it more volume, repair the damaged hair strands and even make it more appealing and beautiful.
  5. Wig specialists are the ones who are acquainted with different techniques used to make the hair wigs in a way where they will blend well with your natural hair.
  6. Hair colorists are special hair stylists who use different coloring techniques to dye your hair either in the form of the complete hair volume or some hair strands.

The tools used by hairstylists are varied 

The next thing to consider is the list of tools used by the hairstylists to give the transformed look to your hair. Some of these tools are very common while some others are used for specific purposes like dying, curling, and so on.

Here is a shortlist of the tools you can easily find in the salons and hair parlor.

  1. A detangling brush is a very common tool used by hairstylists for detangling the tresses and other messes present in your hair. This tool helps in ensuring that while combing the tresses, the tangles won’t cause further damage to the hair strands.
  2. Hair sculpting tool is a combination of two wide tooth and thin tooth combs which are used to curl or straighten the hair.
  3. Hair donuts are used to make a wonderful bun of any shape or style.
  4. Two-in-one hair irons are used to curl or straighten the hair. This curling iron has two mouths, one used to produce the curls while the other part is used to straighten the hair strands.
  5. The hair stylist accessories consist of tools of different shapes to design the locks and free hair strands in different ways, be it in the form of braids or beach waves.
  6. Hair dye supplies like party tints, hair color strips, bleaches, peroxide, lowlight colors, and even the gray hair products.
  7. Shears are generally present in two forms- all-purpose shear and the blending shears- which are used to cut the hair in different forms of lines, textures, and even design.

Get an idea about the techniques they are using 

After this, the next thing to study is the types of hair styling techniques that are implemented by the hair stylists to enhance the look of your hair. Some of the common hairstyling techniques used by the professionals are:

  1. The layering of the hair where the hairs are cut into different layers to give a flow to the strands and also to reduce the density. However, the one-length hair cuts are generally done to enhance the weight of the hair and give it more volume.
  2. Those hair dressers who focus on giving a proper cut edge to the hairline using the trick of graduated or stacked haircut where multiple layers are made with an angle that is less than ninety degrees.
  3. Hair extension techniques are generally done when artificial or natural hair is clipped onto your original hair to add on the volume.
  4. Updo is a kind of hair styling where the entire hair is rolled upwards and tied together either in a form of a bun or in a form of a collection.
  5. Balayage is a coloring technique where the dye is directly applied to the hair streaks without covering the rest of the hair using the hair foils and the hair highlighting cap.

The personality of the stylist should reflect in the works

Every stylist works differently even though the tools used by them and the techniques employed by them are too similar to each other.

Their work speed, their ideas, and their styles all differ and that’s where the differences come into existence. So, the way in which a stylist works should always reflect in the work itself.

A good and reliable stylist ends the work with a sense of achievement, no matter how small the work is.

So, first, do a check about the personality of the hair stylist and then understand his or her way of working. With this, you will get a clearer image of the professional.

Learn whether they value your opinion or not

Every professional should value your opinion, no matter how inconvenient or foolish they might sound. Along with this, they should also provide their own opinion so that you can get a clear idea about what is going to happen to your hair.


A hairstylist art is something that you have to marvel at, no matter what he or she is doing and what would be the end result. These professionals are well known around the world for their works.

Starting from doing celebrity style hair cuts to blending in three or more dyes to give different color to the hairs, the hairstylists work in some unimaginable manner that you can’t even comprehend.

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