Support Medical Marijuana by the American Medical Association

The American Medical Association is the most important American doctors’ association. It has reexamined its position on marijuana. They now support medical research and exploration of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The group persuaded federal government to reconsider its Schedule I controlled substance classification of marijuana. This unfairly misrepresents the plant along with other dangerous narcotics such as heroin and LSD.

Dr. Edward Langston, AMA officer of the board, stated that only a small number of controlled, casual tests were ever conducted on ingested cannabis despite medical research by marijuana doctors and other specialists, which spans over thirty years.

The group supports the Schedule I classification of marijuana, as more and more doctors are becoming aware of the benefits of marijuana.

Obama’s administration also directed federal narcotics agents not to prosecute people who use or distribute marijuana in states that have legalized it. Online dispensary Canada This was in response to past administrations’ strict opposition to medical marijuana. At the moment, 14 states allow medical marijuana use and twelve more have begun to consider it. The American Medical Association is interested to study alternative ways of using marijuana. Legal marijuana advocates speak out about alternative methods of using medical marijuana, including the THC-rich cannabis oils extraction that is said to be capable of healing cancer patients. No one is ever persecuted today for using cannabis, even if they have a legal card.

Despite the fact that federal prosecutions of medical marijuana use have been relaxed, the federal government’s reaction to the AMA’s stance was muted. The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) reiterated the status of marijuana in Schedule I. FDA – Food and Drug Administration – refused to comment on the matter. The American Medical Association was the only group to oppose the federal restriction on marijuana, which was established in 1937. Despite its support for Schedule I narcotics classification, it continues to deny that marijuana is a myth. Even though the amendment would have settled their managerial policies regarding marijuana consumption as safe, the organization objected to it. Almost every marijuana clinic offers edible marijuana products for patients who have marijuana cards.

Marijuana support group are happy about the new stance by the AMA, and the extending change in attitude towards marijuana and all things related to it – cannabis doctors, marijuana clinics etc.

Although the federal government continues to oppose legalizing marijuana, referring to FDA objections to it being used as medicine, the majority of people believe that marijuana should be legalized. The American College of Physicians, second largest physician group, supported marijuana legalization last year. The California Medical Association also passed opinions that called marijuana criminalization a “failed public policy in health.”

These are encouraging open research on the benefits of marijuana. Recognized medicinal organizations are now looking at further evidence-based research to help legalize medical marijuana. This is a good step in the right direction.

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