List Of Nitrile Glove Manufacturers Of Europe

The CDC states that staff must use disposable gloves to care for patients infected by Covid-19, such as when they clean surfaces or wash dishes, and when performing patient examinations.

Wearing hospital gloves correctly can reduce the spread of disease from patients to doctors.

We have listed the top European medical glove manufacturers for hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities to help you find the right supplier.

Here’s a list of the top 7 best medical glove manufacturers in thailand, traders, and factories in Europe.

These gloves are made from the finest latex, PVC, and nitrile in the UK, Germany and Austria.

  • Medicom – The Netherlands
  • Sorimex – Poland
  • Semperit – Austria
  • United Kingdom – Synthomer
  • Shield Scientific – The Netherlands
  • Barber Healthcare – United Kingdom
  • Unigloves – England

Capabilities and List Criteria

  • Manufacturers that supply Surgeon Medical Gloves or Medical Examination Gloves in accordance with the EN 455 or ASTM standards, FDA-approved surgical gloves.
  • Bears CE marking
  • Conformance to EN ISO 374-5 by manufacturers
  • Bulk manufacturing capabilities of suppliers to supply staples for hospitals and medical facilities
  • Value for money
  • Review of the Top 7 European Medical Gloves Suppliers

1. Medicom

  • Types of Businesses: Global Suppliers of medical PPE
  • Headquarters: Parallelweg 80A, MT Woudenberg , 3931 – Netherlands
  • Main markets North America and Europe, USA, UK, Germany, Asia
  • Years of Experience: 32 Years
  • Certificates cGMP FDA-registered facility EN certificates ASTM, ISO 9001

Medicom, a supplier of medical surgical gloves and PPE with more than 40 years experience, is Medicom. They are a leading player in the design, manufacturing and marketing of single-use products for the healthcare industry.

They offer a range of healthcare services, including medical, dental, hygiene, and industry. They have six production units and thirteen logistics centers in their factory. It is well-known in Europe and France for its Kolmi-Hopen Group, which produces medical PPE products.

Medicom has a wide range of sterilized gloves. Medicom also offers medical scrubs and gloves, sterilization products and shoes, sterilization products and dental equipment, as well as head covers and other personal protective gear for hospitals.

The company has a high turnover of more than 300 million dollars and is a leader in hygiene and health.

The European distributors employ over 100 people and have a facility measuring 14,300m2. A cleanroom with over 1000m2 and ISO 8 certification is available for gloves testing. The company employs over 1100 people in Europe, Asia and North America.

Key Products

  • Reusable surgical gloves
  • TPE
  • Latex surgical gloves
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Reusable latex gloves
  • PVC Reusable
  • Gloves made of medical nitrile
  • Gloves made of black powder-free leather
  • Blue surgical gloves
  • Powdered blue gloves

2. Sorimex

  • Type Business: Manufacturer/Distributor of Medical Equipment
  • Headquarters: Rowninna 25, 87-100 Torun, Poland
  • Main markets Europe, Asia
  • 13 Years of Experience:
  • Certificates – EN ISO 13485 standards. ASTM D 6978-05. ASTM 1671

Sorimex is a Polish manufacturer of medical gloves. Over 30 years of experience have been gained in the manufacturing of ECG electrodes, medical equipment, and gloves.

All Sorimex products have been approved by European health professionals and are recommended for use in many hospitals. They offer both OEM and brand-name services.

Sorimex sells some of the most high-quality disposable nitrile and examination gloves due to their superior capabilities and large capacities.

Products Key

  • ECG electrodes
  • ECG cables and wires
  • SpO2 measurement.
  • Disposable gloves.
  • NIBP cuffs.
  • Recording paper
  • Temperature measurement

3. Semperit

  • Types of Business: Manufacturers, Exporters, Gloves Factory
  • Headquarters: Triester Bundesstrasse 26. A-2632 Wimpassing in Austria, Central Europe
  • Main markets Europe and Asia, Australia, and America
  • Years of Experience: 115 Years
  • Certificates: EN ISO 13485 Standards

Semperit AG Holding, a rubber glove manufacturing company that serves both the medical and industrial sectors, is known for its trustworthiness. This company is a leader in the development and production of high-quality disposable rubber and industrial rubber products.

Semperit’s Wimpassing, Lower Austria R&D center is used to develop new products. With 14 production plants around the world, they employ more than 6,900 people. They offer conveyor belts and construction profiles, as well as railway products and examination gloves.

4. Synthomer

  • Types of Businesses: Manufacturer
  • Headquarters, Central Rd Temple Fields Harlow CM202BH, United Kingdom
  • Main Markets Europe and the Middle East, Asia, to more than 100 countries
  • Years of Experience: 157 Years
  • Certificates: EN ISO 13485 Standards

Synthomer is an international manufacturer and trader in aqueous plasticmers and healthcare medical gloves. Synthomer manufactures high-quality nitrile medical gloves that are used in hospitals throughout Europe.

Synthomer also has its NBR production plant and large R&D center for innovating raw material for its gloves.

Synthomer, through its partnership with Omnova Solutions, has become one of the most important manufacturing networks for medical hand gloves. Synothomer now has a global reach and can fulfill bulk orders for surgical supplies from all over the globe.

There are many options available, including disposable surgical gloves, disposable nitrile gloves, sterile gloves, and non-sterile surgical gloves. The company’s products are used in many applications, including clean rooms, food handling, chemotherapy, drug handling and chemical laboratories.

Key Products

  • Gloves made of surgical and examination nitrile
  • Industrial nitrile gloves
  • Purple nitrile gloves

5. SHIELD Scientific

  • Types of Business: Supplier, Manufacturer
  • Headquarters: Doctor Willem Dreeslaan 1, 6721 ND Bennekom, Netherlands
  • Main markets Europe, US
  • Certificates ISO 9001 :2015 and ISO 13485 :2016

SHIELD Scientific is a leading European manufacturer of medical gloves. Although the company is based in the Netherlands, they also have manufacturing and warehousing facilities in Malaysia. All manufacturing facilities of the company are ISO certified. They sell and market their products in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

SHIELD has FDA-approved gloves for medical, industrial, and laboratory use. The gloves are easily selected and applied using a color-coded system. They also offer latex and nitrile gloves, both powdered or powder-free.

They offer glove brands that are manufactured with high quality assurance. This ensures that the brand is distinguished by proper cleaning and deionizing. Gloves are available in five sizes to fit users’ hands.

We offer a variety of brands for medical gloves:

  • SHIELDskin ™
  • SHIELDskin (CHEM(tm),)
  • SHIELDskin(tm).
  • ecoSHIELD(tm).
  • duoSHIELD ™

Key Products

  • Latex surgical gloves
  • nitrile gloves
  • Cryogenic gloves
  • Heat resistant glove
  • Household gloves

6. Barber Healthcare

  • Headquarters, Unit 3 Beckside Court Leyburn Business Park Leyburn North Yorkshire UK
  • Main Markets England and Germany
  • Certificates: ISO 9001 :2008 and ISO 13485 :2012 Quality Management Systems

Barber Healthcare manufactures professional-grade gloves in a variety of fields, including the medical, industrial, and general public.

Barber Healthcare offers a large range of gloves in terms of material, color and specifications. They can provide vinyl, nitrile and latex gloves that are specifically tailored to customers’ needs. They are also a leader in disposable gloves, with the brands Glove Plus and Panthera.

Barber Healthcare can also supply high-performance gloves in bulk to help reduce costs.

Key Products

  • Black surgical gloves
  • Disposable nitrile gloves
  • Vinyl gloves
  • Latex gloves

7. Unigloves

  • Headquarters:37 St. Margaret’s Street Canterbury, Kent CT1 2TU England
  • Main Markets UK and Germany
  • Years of Experience: 32 Years
  • Certificates ISO 9001

Unigloves was one of Europe’s leading suppliers for medical PPE during the Coronavirus pandemic. To meet the demands of frontline workers, they have increased production to 100 gloves per second.

This company is a well-known supplier of gloves in the UK, as well as in the international market. Unigloves can produce large quantities and distribute widely, as they have a Malaysian factory. They are able to produce high-quality gloves at a low price thanks to their manufacturing capabilities.

Unigloves specializes in distributing nitrile gloves internationally to the healthcare and industrial sectors. They also accept wholesale orders and private labeling.

There are many options for medical gloves

  • Antimicrobial nitrile gloves
  • Blue nitrile gloves
  • Green nitrile gloves
  • Nitrile gloves for heavy duty use

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