League of Legends: Top 10 Streamers

There are many League of Legends streamers, as you might have noticed. However, we will only highlight the top LoL streamers. Streamers must be proficient at the game and entertaining to watch. These top LoL streamers are well worth your time! Also, check out aussyelo.com for more information.

Bio:Tyler Steinkamp, a streamer hailing from the USA, is Tyler “Tyler1”. He was once known for his constant play of Draven but has recently been playing Jungle.

Additional InformationTyler1’s streaming career is an exciting one. It has evolved from ‘Most Toxic player NA’ to ‘Most Reform Player NA’. It has been a must-see show since Riot lifted his ban. I won’t lie, Riot is still toxic and can rage like no one else, but that all adds to the entertainment experience. He is also very skilled at LoL (and will tell you).

Bio:Michael “Imaqtpie”, a former pro player and streamer, is from the USA. He can be seen in Support or Bot Lane.

Additional InformationImaqtpie was a former pro player for Dignitas and is now a respected OG LoL streamer. Since 2014, he has been streaming professionally and helped many other streamers make it their profession. He is a funny, laid-back, and talented streamer, but that has not stopped him from being a great LoL player. You’ll see why Imaqtpie was named the top League of Legends streamer if you have been following the scene since its inception.

Bio:Joedat “Voyboy,” Esfahani, is an ex-pro player from the USA. He is well-known for his Mid and Top Lane playing.

Additional InformationVoyboy is the streamer who cares most about the League of Legends community. Voyboy has been an integral part the industry for many years. He was the Rank 1 NA player during Season 1, and has also had a few professional seasons. He enjoys streaming and wants to make LoL better. He is always on the pulse of any new scene, game drama or improvement. He is a true professional.

Additional InformationTFBlade is a top LoL streamer on Twitch, if not the best. On five servers, he has reached Challenger; four of them he achieved Rank 1. This is a crazy statistic to illustrate how skilled and troll he is: he held the Rank 1 & 2 accounts on NA server at one time, and nearly got another account to rank 3. Dude is a monster and he knows that.

Bio:Hammoudi Abdalrhman, also known as Yassuo Abdalrhman, is an American streamer. His name is a reference to his original role as Yasuo.

Additional InformationHe isn’t a one-trick Yassuo player, but don’t let his name fool you. He is one of the best LoL streamers and has played every Champion he has encountered. Yassuo is not the stream for children, not because of his infuriating opponents. But if you want to give your top talent an edge, Yassuo might be your man. Yassuo is without doubt one of the most popular LoL streamers on Twitch.

Bio:Zachary “Sneaky”, Scuderi, is an ex-pro player from the USA. He prefers to play Bot Lane.

Additional InformationSneaky is now a streaming star, having left his LCS days behind. Sneaky has been more well-known (or ‘notorious’ as it is sometimes) for his cosplay but he is just as skilled today as he was when he was Cloud9’s. Sneaky is the best ADC on Twitch.

Additional InformationShiphtur, a former player of top-tier standing, streams his talents without getting too tense. Shiphtur takes this lack of toxicity to the next level by how calm he keeps the stream. He even kicks back to view Youtube videos with viewers between games. Enjoy.

Bio:Nick “LS” De Cesare, a streamer from America, is his name. His deep knowledge of the game as well as his analytical discussions are what make him a popular streamer.

Additional InformationLS is a genius in the professional League of Legends. He is more known for his coaching skills than being a player. He is responsible for some of the most innovative features in Pro LoL. He even took some players under his wing to help them reach pro status. He doesn’t always play live, but he talks about the game more than anyone else. His inclusion in the top LoL streamer list is deserved. If you think you know LoL well, LS will show you that you still have a lot to learn.

Additional InformationReppin’ for the ladies KayPea is not to be underestimated. KayPea is a very dangerous character. It’s much more fun to watch her stream than seeing her in-game. She smiles at all outcomes and can laugh at herself, no matter how silly or skill-killed.

Bio:TheBausff, a Top Laner from Sweden, is TheBausff. He is a Top Lane player, and one of the most respected Sion players in the entire world.

Additional InformationSion is always playing in LEC games. You will hear TheBaus refer to it whenever they play. Why? He is unquestionably the best Sion player in Europe and should be on the top LoL streamer lists. He is a well-respected solo queue player and is now the best source for how to play the Champion. Respect TheBaus.

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