How To Use A Plasma Cutter

In this particular manual, we shall help discuss some fundamental characteristics to look for when choosing a plasma cutter to ensure you get yourself a unit that you will be satisfied with over time.

Second of all, we will take you step-by-step through the full procedure for pulling the equipment from the container to earning the first minimize securely.

Should you already familair using the basics of plasma cutting would love a buyer’s guide then look at our Plasma Cutter With Built in Compressor page.

Disclaimer: The following information is made for educational purposes only. Remember to study all protection and documentation specifications for the particular machine before making use of it.


A plasma cutter is an equipment that is commonly seen in aluminum manufacturing retailers that allows the consumer to slice metallic at all they you should. It is a unit which takes feedback energy (110v or 220v) and processes it even though a unit in a fashion that allows you cut virtually almost any metal making use of the torch in the device to help make very precise cuts.

This equipment is really useful that many folks assess it to having a excellent welder, once you have a single you will be kicking yourself to not getting one earlier. Plasma cutters provde the capability to check out any piece of aluminum and cut it in your taste within a risk-free method.

The plasma cutter is usually to metal employed as the chainsaw would be to lowering trees and shrubs. The plasma cutter just does it so much better.

How much do I need to dedicate to a plasma cutter?

In the plasma cutter market spending an increased value for any brand name equipment equals an extended equipment lifestyle and fantastic aspect access through the make.

In all honesty, there are some inexpensive models out there that could develop very remarkable cuts on thicker 1/2” minor stainlesss steel, but now you ask , the length of time are they going to make those reductions until one of several cheaply produced parts in the device smashes?

In the event you stick with title brand names like Hypertherm, Miller and Lincoln you should have a excellent encounter. The money spent on a brand name unit will mirror inside the machine’s capacity to cut heavier metal. The greater spent the more potential your equipment are prepared for.

What is the ideal device I can get for my dollars?

We discover that Hypertherm and Miller supply the most bang for your buck. Both organizations offer plasma cutters which can be top quality developed, have huge aspect availability, and excellent functionality.

Will pay for themselves in stability over time, though these are devices that costs a bit of capital in the beginning. Here are the three equipment that we advocate over-all different.

Powermax 45

The Powermax45 is undoubtedly the very best plasma cutter you will find for less than $2000. This an experienced range unit produced by a firm that is renowned for functionality, durability and excellent customer care. This device is perfect for people who want to purchase the finest fully highlighted unit within its course.

  • Powerful – cutting as much as 1 -1/8″ metallic.
  • The best in overall performance available on the market. Time.
  • Created in New Hampshire, USA.
  • Replacement parts and consumables will probably be available a long time from now.
  • 3 season warrantee on the power source and 1 season guarantee around the torch.

Powermax 30

A whole monster, the Powermax30 by Hypertherm features a hell of your punch with both 110V and 220V inputs so that it is adaptable to any work area. Evaluating only 22 pounds as a result an incredible easily transportable plasma cutter that is included with everything you need to get going correct from the box.

  • 5/8″ inches slicing capacity on 220V and 1/2″ cutting capacity at 120V.
  • Comes along withgloves and sunglasses, and cord adapters.
  • 3 12 months warranty on the power supply plus a 1 season guarantee in the torch.
  • Manufactured in New Hampshire, Us.
  • Not quite as highly effective since the Powermax 45.

Spectrum 375

The Miller Variety is a very highly effective unit that runs on the two 120v and 240v rendering it very flexible to any environment. When it comes to good quality, Miller makes several of greatest equipment proper alongside Hypertherm. This unit will be worth every buck it will cost for this and is liked by many people professionals.

  • Created by one among very best equipment manufactures.
  • Equally 220V and 120V. Includes cord adapter both for to match a number of connect patterns.
  • Fantastic components access from Miller and also after marketplace brands.
  • Graded to slice only 3/8 inches steel.
  • Fails to come with glasses and safety gloves.

Would I like a plasma cutter by using a built-in oxygen compressor?

Some plasma cutters are created with built in air compressors to deliver the device with air when you reduce. These kinds of devices are produced for consumers who want a mobile machine that will reduce in locations where don’t come with an air compressor offered.

With that being said this equipment is normally underpowered and are many more pricey. If you actually need that range of motion feature, we advocate only getting one of these brilliant devices. If you don’t have one.

What does pilot arc imply? Do I want it?

Nearly all high quality plasma cutters have what is referred to as Pilot Arc. This means you can produce a cut with all the torch of your plasma cutter without holding the idea from the torch on the steel.

When using a Pilot Arc device you may retain the idea of your torch just barely off the aluminum allowing for easier raises and slices the life span of your consumables on your decreasing torch, typically.

So as to make a cut, this characteristic also makes cutting widened steel a whole lot less difficult and better.

Non Pilot Arc devices are typically more affordable machines and may expect you to contact the torch suggestion on the piece of metal. This will really do an amount in your consumables and overtime is not well worth the more few money preserved. We suggest you just make investments your hard-earned money within a Aviator Arc allowed device.

What are consumables? How often am i going to need to swap them?

Consumables are elements of your plasma cutter’s torch that can need replacing with time after carrying out several slices. There are several forms of consumables on your torch like shields, deflectors, maintaining caps,nozzles and electrodes, and swirl bands.

Every one of these factors has a different life span for the way you employ your device.

Thankfully, manufactures sell consumable systems because of the components you will need in a single hassle-free package. You merely move apart the nozzle of your respective torch, change the part that is worn out and go back to operate. The disassembly is very easy.

These consumable systems include a right number of each portion based on what has a tendency to break down the quickest. Typically these kits amount to around $125 and can keep your average few days warrior up and running for around 8-14 a few months depending on how a lot they utilize their device.

What basic safety products should I make use of a plasma cutter?

When it comes to working with a plasma cutter it is important to understand that this unit might cause severe damage. However, with simple safety equipment and safety rules, a plasma cutter is a safe instrument to utilize.

This is some the security gear we recommend

  • Plasma Head protection for eyes and experience defense
  • Welding beanie to shield hair from sets off
  • Welding shirt to guard your biceps and triceps and body
  • Welding gloves to safeguard the hands
  • Group of denim jeans to guard your hip and legs (welding leathers to pay your thighs is another smart idea)
  • Laced and tied up boot styles to shield your feet from both sets off and falling components of aluminum (we recommend metallic toe that happen to be laced restricted to prevent any metal from dropping inside of your boot).
  • Fire extinguisher

Although reducing steel most of all the sparks and molten aluminum will likely be capturing toward to the surface. However, when you initially set up a reduce there may be always an opportunity that aluminum will apply upwards before the plasma has completely pierced through the bit of steel you will be slicing.

Folks generally call this “blow back.” This is usually the truth with thicker aluminum and only occurs for a tiny part of a second. Nonetheless, the sets off remain considerable enough to cause can burn using your cloths and so on your mind. For this reason basic safety equipment is vital.

Metallic toe shoes can also be a robust recommendation if you may be slicing large sections of metal. You usually wish to be free from the location where the aluminum will fall as soon as you make the minimize to stop can burn and trauma.

Much like most tools sometimes other variables distract us from recalling this and accidents do come about, however.

My metal toe footwear have preserved me once or twice from situations such as this.

Now I know a number of you looking over this are glowing blue collar folks which will giggle at half of the things on this listing and believe “I don’t require all that. Just supply a headgear and several safety gloves.” Properly, that had been me when I first began.

And you know what after having dripping hot metal tumble down my untied footwear eliminating my feet, my damn head of hair almost getting on flame, slots through 90Per cent of my work tshirts from sparks, and metallic parts losing and great my toes I learned that applying this basic safety devices are worth the cost.

So, i think the safety tools are worth every penny, though do as you like. And bear in mind NEVER lower without eyesight safety.

What basic safety risks do i need to be familiar with?

Eye DamageEyes security is required. Get hold of a good plasma helmet. I would recommend an entire shielded headgear over goggles due to the fact receiving hit from the encounter with metal sets off hurts. I also like so as to flip my head protection up taken care of as i am not reducing.

When you don’t use eye safety, remember these machines can do some severe damage to your eyesight. If your buddies are in your shop helping you that they also have eye protection if they’re watching you cut.

Flammable Liquids/Products Around Your Decreasing AreaIt is a Large one.

Many people are employed in garages which are filled with substances and goods we have saved throughout our workbench. This can be things such as brake gas, gas and solution carb cleanser, spare rags and so forth.

All of these everything is highly dangerous. Continuous sparks will light this stuff on fireplace and you may not actually observe it burning up although reducing along with your mask on. Please acquire that one very seriously since this is a significant risk. Be sure to have a clear slicing area clear of flammable items and also have a blaze extinguisher in the event.

What gear should i will need inside my shop to work my plasma cutter?

The Proper Potential Hookup For Your MachineThis can be 110v  or 220v according to your machine. If you are running 220v that the plug on the machine matches the outlet you have.

Air Compressor

Plasma cutters need an aura compressor to perform (unless your machine has one particular built-in). You will require steady air flow tension to help make slashes. In case you have a small compressor you might need to hold out in between slices for the compressor to refill.

Moisture Filter

Most end users use a moisture content filtration which makes sure clean dried up air is shipped to the plasma from the compressor. This helps increase the lifetime of your device which is suggested. These could usually be bought for about $50.

Grinder Or Cable Tire

If you’re reducing metal with color upon it you really should grind down the work surface around your cuts to bare aluminum. Paint can get fireplace while you’re decreasing and be risky. Even though this is not required I practice it because it boosts the exposure of my minimize series. Should I draw my series on painting and yes it actually starts to burn I shed my pulled minimize collection.

How will I Minimize With A Plasma Cutter?

  1. Start up your oxygen compressor and start constructing air pressure
  2. Open home windows inside your retail outlet to assist ventilate air flow
  3. Nice and clean you vicinity and ensure there are actually no blaze dangers
  4. Help you get metal positioned in a vice, on sawhorses, or clamped into a table.
  5. Check out to make sure the lower steel will not strike you and your plasma power cord in the event it drops
  6. Thoroughly clean the chosen cut area by using a cable wheel or grinder to bare metallic
  7. Draw your lower series with metallic chalk or another marking device
  8. Hook the ground clamp from the plasma cutter on the bit of metal that will continue to be stationary supplies after the cut is created
  9. Wear your protection gear
  10. Plug in your plasma plug and cutter inside your oxygen hose
  11. Make certain that your particular machine is acquiring the two oxygen and strength
  12. Line up your system towards the bit of aluminum so that you are furthest from the sparks, use a very clear look at your minimize and they are resistant to the part of metallic sliding as soon as its lower.
  13. Make certain that one could shift the plasma torch from the complete range of flexibility of your respective lower and never have to reposition mid lower.
  14. Flip down your plasma hood
  15. Placement your plasma torch slightly from the part of aluminum to stop blowback if at all possible (this is definitely not feasible when you are starting a minimize during a bit of aluminum)
  16. Push the swap or key on your torch to make the reduce employing a gradual smooth flexibility
  17. Carry on the cut until you hear the steel success the ground
  18. Permit the aluminum great prior to pick it up up and running (small components of aluminum are typically a good deal hotter)

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