Fashion Trends That Will Be Big This Summer

While hot pink, logomania, color blocking, and the ‘hot goth’ style were all the rage in 2021, the SS22 season is bringing sexiness back – and we couldn’t be more excited to update our work-from-home ensembles.

As the lockdown limitations gradually ease and the future begins to look a little better, last year’s yearning for complete escapism has given way to all-out celebration, and SS22 is all about dressing appropriately. Think ruqun short, sheer, or second-skin to show off the bodies that lockdowns have kept concealed at home for far too long. What’s the vibe? More flesh, less fashion.

As a result, there were plenty of Nineties and Y2K throwbacks in this season’s collections, including micro-mini skirts, sky-high heels, glittery tops, and low-slung waistlines. Bridgerton fever, on the other hand, has seen designers go to the 18th and 19th centuries for inspiration for their spectacular post-pandemic aesthetics.

Bold stripes, solar shades, and swimwear were also popular, proving once and for all that the SS22 season is all about hope. We’re ready for you, 2022, and we’ll be dressed appropriately.

Hemlines are getting hotter and higher as they progress from mini to micro. On the runways, Sixties defiance collided with New York exuberance for a barely-there take on the trend that’s both low-rise (see Miu Miu, where skirts barely skimmed the hip bones) and high-rise (see Gucci, where skirts barely skimmed the hip bones) (see everyone else).

Adding a Splash of ‘Hot’ to Haute Couture

Here’s how the grown-ups do it if decadence is the theme of this spring-summer season — a bright, glossy take on sensual attire for the Y2K age. This is subversive seduction, and it’s as much about self-assurance as it is about provocation. It’s time to unbutton your shirt.

Putting the ‘Hot’ in Haute Couture

Nicolas Ghesquière provided a masterclass in making the gothic gorgeous by blending old with modern at Louis Vuitton, where post-pandemic attire gets dramatic. Other designers went to the future for inspiration for their collections, with wild, inventive interpretations of 18th- and 19th-century style. Historic in every sense of the word.

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It’s time to go back to the year 2000, with cargo trousers, glittery shirts, low-slung waistlines, and Grecian drapery. This is utility with an outrageously glamorous edge, and it’s anything but basic. Channel your inner Beyoncé circa the Destiny’s Child ‘Survivor’ era — this is utility with an insanely glamorous edge, and it’s anything but basic.

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Beachwear became ready-to-wear for SS22, perhaps because we’re all in desperate need of a scorching vacation. Virginie Viard walked the Chanel catwalk in stylish bikinis, while Rejina Pyo went a step further by exhibiting her collection alongside the pool at London’s Aquatics Centre.

Here Comes The Sun, Shop

There’s no need to read between the lines while making a statement: there’s a straightforward formula for doing so. As fashion becomes more two-toned and graphic, the bigger, bolder, and more in-your-face the better. Stripes, rather than Bretons, embellish skirts, suits, and shirts.

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This season’s retina-searing palette is all about solar tones, which are so brilliant that you’ll need SPF. Consider this visual vitamin D, which ranges from gold to amber to burned orange and blazing red.

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