Basic Things and Mistakes To Know About Raid: Shadow Legends

Raid: Shadow Legends is my weakest area. Although I prefer PvE, I see so many people making the same mistakes in arena that I thought I would address them.

Let me tell you, Reinbeast is not really that strong. Reinbeast is not a bad guy, but he is not an unkillable OP marvel.

Most people that I have spoken with all RAID artifacts had some common issues that I will address here.


Gear is the biggest problem I have seen. Raid will lavish you with 5* epic offense items, which people love to show off and then slap on their champions. The problem is that unless these pieces have bad main stats they are worse than commons from Campaign.

Are the boots fast? Are the gloves and chest stats correct? People with an attack champion who has flat defense gloves, flat attack boots and HP% chest wonder why they don’t hit hard despite their high power. This is why. Your main stat must be speed. Arena is 99% about speed. Your chest must have a % increase in your main stat. Your gloves must have either crit rate (or crit damage) for damage-dealing champions. Tanky champions might have DEF% or HP%.

People often stack attack to reduce damage. This is wrong. Critic out scales attack. Critical hits increase the damage to your attack. This means that they take into account your TOTAL attack potential. Attack% is determined by your base attack power. If you have 1000 base attack and 2000 total attacks, the crit damage sets and the offense sets will increase your attack damage by 150 and 400 respectively (1000 * 1.15 and 2000 * 1.2 respectively). Crit sets are generally more effective than offense sets if you struggle to get a high crit rate. You can also use crit damage gloves which have a 65% multiplier against crit rate and ATK%, both of which are 50%.

But Speed You can have some of the best stats anywhere in the world. What if you have 5k attack? You’re the strongest corpse in the cemetery, but you don’t have speed. Speed does not only affect who gets first. It also impacts how quickly your turn meter fills. This means that someone with twice your speed will get two turns before you. Going first in the arena will ensure you win at least 80% of the time. Even if your team doesn’t win, you will likely cripple them.

Reinbeast also kills people because of this. Reinbeast will take the game if he has a lot of turns. Reinbeast must attack frequently and get his turn. If Reinbeast doesn’t have another turn to activate the Continuous heal, attacking and placing a continual heal buff won’t help. If he gets 2 turns to yours, he is healing CONSTANTLY. You can kill him if you get roughly equal turns. As long as you are able to do more than 15% of his HP per round, you will be victorious.

Sometimes, people have better gear than yours. The most important factor in determining your strength is gear. A strong, well-equipped rare can easily defeat a weakly equipped legendary. People don’t take it as Reinbeast being the “OP” champion if someone wins first. Reinbeast is doing 1v4. It’s frustrating because it takes longer, but it does happen for the exact same reason. This person has better gear.


It is very important to have an affinity. You automatically do 20% more damage every time you attack someone you are weak to. Your chance of critical is 15% lower. A “weak” hit has a 35% chance. This cannot criticalize, can’t place debuffs and does 30% more damage, which is a 50% reduction. This will impact your offense, it is obvious.

Reinbeast is a force type champion which means he can defeat magic type champions. You’ll have a hard time if your team includes Galek, Elhain Gorgorab, Executioner and Galek. Diversify your team’s affinities so that you don’t get hammered by the wrong types. If you are unable to do so, you should accept it and avoid teams with an advantage.


Your team should be structured to work together in a specific way. Don’t let your best champions go. Your team should be fast and can one-shot the enemy. You should bring a speed booster, such as an apothecary or seeker, and/or an attacker booster (Spirithost, a farmable rare starting in chapter 4, has a speed aura and an attack boost). Then, bring large AoE champions that deal high crit damage and crit rate.

Are you a stall team with your team? Tanky champions are either with life steal or with a healer. Speed is still important. No matter how hard you try, if the enemy gets 2-3 turns before you do, it will likely still leave your team in ruin. Bring a defense boost.

Think about your win conditions. How can my team win this fight. Is it slow attrition? Do you simply have to tank the big attacks, then wear them down with superior healing.

Do not mix and match. A random tank with three attackers will leave the tank alone and he’ll be more focused. He must do something that is beneficial to the team. He can add an ally protection buff. Can he incite members of the enemy side?

Don’t forget to include support. Even if they aren’t doing the most damage to your character, it is better to have the right support than throwing in another AoE champion.

Choose Your Battles

There is no perfect team. Each team has its strengths and weaknesses. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses. Also, you should know the types of teams that you are most successful against. Know which teams you struggle with. You don’t have to beat everyone in your line of battle to win.

Which buffs are you equipped with? What are your debuffs? You can disable sustain teams by using debuffs such as heal reduction (such as Reinbeast). These should be taken into account.

Take it seriously. You can speed up.

This cannot be stressed enough. Speed is the number one problem in arena. Reinbeast will beat you even if your entire team is at 110 speed. There are whole teams that are over 200 mph in high-tier arena. You’ll need more speed the higher you go.

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