7 Best Apps To Relax, De-Stress and Clear Your Mind

It can sometimes feel like the world is moving at a million miles per minute, and that you are left behind. You’re not the only one feeling stressed at work.

There are many apps that can calm you down, both on Android and iOS. You can always find out more useful apps on Venostech blog.

We are highlighting the top relaxation and calming apps that will soothe you. There are many options available, including guided meditation and mind mapping.

1. MindMeister

There are likely to be many thoughts in your head at any given moment. Mind mapping allows you to organize your thoughts in a visual format that doesn’t require a specific order.

MindMeister is a great mind mapping app. MindMeister is available online as well as on mobile devices.

The app allows you to quickly organize, prioritize and generate new ideas. You can create a map using a variety of tools, including styles, colors and icons. You can also collaborate with other people to create a mindmap in real time.

A subscription allows you to export maps in PNG and PDF formats, create unlimited maps and edit them as well as add files and images for topics.

2. Dark Noise

Ambient noise can be used to aid in sleep and focus on your daily tasks. Dark Noise is a powerful and easy way to use sound.

There are over 30 noises you can choose from, including simple white noise and more exotic sounds such as a spaceship engine or cat purring. It’s simple to select a sound and set a timer that will end it after a certain time or duration.

To make a particular noise, you don’t need to open the app. One can be started using a Siri Shortcut, or you can choose from the Today Extension widget.

3. Calm

Ambient noise can be a great way to relax for some, but it can also cause irritation for others. Calm is a relaxation app that offers something completely different.

It’s a great meditation app for beginners. However, it also offers a variety of options for advanced users. You can choose from three to 25 minute guided meditation sessions. You can learn about managing stress, happiness and gratitude as well as forgiveness and self-esteem.

You also have the option to choose from a timed or open-ended meditation. Relaxation can also be achieved through breathing exercises. Each day, a 10-minute program will be created to ease you into your day or help you unwind.

4. Headspace

Headspace is a popular tool for guided meditations as well as mindfulness techniques.

The Basics course teaches you the basics. A subscription allows you to access all the content of the app, including the entire meditation library. You can explore many different topics, including sleep, focus, exercise, and even meditation.

The app offers a short break with two- to three minute meditation sessions. You can find sessions that are specifically tailored for panic, anxiety, or stress. To help you motivate and meditate, you can also add friends.

Animations that teach mindfulness and answer questions can be used to help you learn new skills.

5. Insight Timer

Insight Timer offers more than 30,000 meditations, music tracks and other resources that you can use for free. You will find topics such as anxiety, stress management, leadership, and deep sleep. To make it easier to integrate the app into your daily life, you can choose a meditation by time. You can choose from a variety of sound options for the app’s meditation timer.

There are many community features that allow you to better understand the app. You can also join discussion groups with other users around the globe. To get a better understanding of your accomplishments, you can view stats and milestones.

Member Plus subscribers have many additional options. You can use your Member Plus subscription to unlock all courses and also download the entire collection of meditations for offline listening. You can also check out the Daily Insight mindfulness program.

6. Day One

A daily journal is an excellent way to keep your thoughts organized and clear. Day One has a beautiful interface, and other features that will make daily journaling a habit that you will want to continue.

You can focus on your thoughts by using the interface without distractions. Markdown is supported for journal entries. It is easy to organize entries and you can search them by calendar, timeline or maps.

Your iPhone’s metadata can add more information to each entry, including weather and temperature data. Passcode and Face/TouchID support keep your thoughts safe.

You can have unlimited photo storage and journals with an available subscription. You can also sync your information with other versions.

7. Simple Habit

Simple Habit wants you to know that meditation is possible no matter how busy you are. It is well-known for its five-minute meditations that tackle topics such as stress relief and managing your depression. You can also choose to have longer sessions if you have more time.

You can choose from different situations, such as a difficult day, and how much time you have. The session will be created.

Premium subscriptions allow you to download sessions to listen offline and have unlimited access to exclusive series.

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